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Does being happy together make us happier?

When it comes to being happy on our own, there’s no doubt there is some personal responsibility involved. Thinking positive thoughts, accepting things as they are, finding good moments in the everyday being kind and loving are all examples. But what if we can make being happy easier, and even better, by joining forces?

What if we accelerate and boost each other’s happiness by experiencing a sense of togetherness’?

I had such a moment while I was on holiday in Cornwall. My two friends and I planned to have some restful and relaxing time away. Usually if I need to give my racing mind some rest, the first and easiest way to go is to look at the beautiful world around; sky, landscape, birds, artwork, children smiling. Looking at something beautiful puts the mind at ease and purifies it. St Ives, the town we stayed in, had it all. We were hiking in nature, sightseeing on the coastal bus and visiting galleries; we shared many exciting moments.

One morning we were committed to adding another beautiful moment to our trip. We wanted to get up early and go to meditate on the beach, greeting the sunrise. You can imagine it is not easy to get up at 6am while you are on holiday, but with common effort and willpower, nothing is impossible. Sure, we hit the snooze button a couple of times and so left our apartment later than planned, but were still excited to seek some inner peace time in the delightful morning sunshine.

Learning to feel whole

Be present, relax, breathe in… still sleepy, wrapped in the blankets, we were sitting like three mummies on the sand surrounded by pink-legged seagulls. Breathe out… letting go of the morning worries. Breathe in… feeling fresh like the ocean, feeling free like the birds. Breathe out… unifying our energies to get in touch with a place of peace, freedom, healing and joy. Breathe in and out… looking forward to the adventures of the day.

And then we opened our eyes. The sky, the light, the waves, a feeling of expansion, gratitude and feeling whole – I don’t know where it came from. Was it generated by us? Was it already there but we helped each other to feel it? Maybe both, maybe it something else.

But being there together definitely enhanced the experience. So when your true self is emerging at this moment, the feeling of love and appreciation keeps growing inside, testing the boundaries and expanding into the outer worlds. You become everything and everything becomes you. It is like you feel the world instead of just looking at it and the people around you get caught in the same stream. Our minds become at ease and radiate higher frequencies, adding the notes to the universal song of peace and harmony. Our forces are joined, feeding the collective consciousness with this beautiful experience we created together. We become one joyous, loving expression of life.

Sharing makes us happier

Remember the moment when you saw something very beautiful. The chances are you didn’t keep it to yourself. Maybe you shared it with a close friend or a family member, or posted it on social media. Or maybe you showed a photo to your colleagues over lunch. It is in our human nature to share good moments with others. Intuitively, we know that sharing makes us happier. We know that there is a collective well of happiness that we all add to and we all drink from. And that well becomes fuller when more people drink from it.

So can we help each other on our journey towards happiness and joy? Yes!

The energy of collective effort is always amplified, whatever you do. Then everything works out to its best outcome – everybody contributes and everybody benefits. So get together, share, learn, help each other, watch sunrises and meditate – it’s easier together.

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