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Emotions Matter: Deepening Self-Awareness

Mon, Sep 13 | London


The world is shifting. We are not the same as we were a year ago. The world shakes us asking for a new level of response. More conscious response that will include taking care of the planet and our collective future. As a part of this response, modern leadership is undergoing a transformative change.

This change starts from within. From a place where everything is born: our thoughts, our feelings and our actions. Therefore to facilitate conscious leadership we are to become good leaders to ourselves first. It means to align our values with what we do. It means to act from a place of balance, authenticity, compassion and trust. It means to lead from the heart. So our presence will expand to our relationships and our organisational life to make our work a force for good.

In this three part event series you are invited on a journey to explore your inner world and to let go of what holds you back from being that clear instrument of benevolence in the world.


13 September DAY 1 Emotions Matter: Deepening Self-Awareness

20 September DAY 2 The Power of Attention: Focusing on What is Important

27 September DAY 3 Inner Resource: Pouring from a Full Cup

All events will take place 7-9.30 pm at the House of Transformation. Address: Unit 4, 222 Kingsland Road, E2 8DB

You will learn the tools and techniques:

  • To develop your emotional agility and become comfortable in times of discomfort

  • To deepen your self-awareness for better understanding of your habitual patterns and inner obstacles

  • To explore embodied reaction in stressful situations

  • To develop compassion for yourself and others

  • To recognise and straighten brain attention systems for better focus

  • To identify mental energy leaks

  • To take a better care of your inner resources

  • To be a better leader to yourself to inspire others

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