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Reparent Your Inner Child

Take your inner work to the next level through reconnecting to your inner child and releasing unconscious patterns that

no longer serve you

Ubud, Bali

October 8-18, 2024

Are you ready to heal the wounds of the past?

Break free from old patterns and embrace a life of transformation amidst the sacred natural wonders of Bali. Join us for an unforgettable retreat where you will learn how to reparent your inner child, stop repeating unhealthy cycles, and advance on a journey of self-discovery like never before.


Bali's magical atmosphere will be the perfect canvas for your personal growth and healing.

Don't miss this opportunity to rewrite your story in the island of God's

This retreat is for you if:

You are feeling disconnected: If you often feel disconnected from your feelings, needs, or a sense of purpose, this journey will help you rediscover these vital aspects of your life.

You are repeating unhealthy patterns: Do you find yourself stuck in repetitive, unhealthy patterns and behaviours? This retreat offers insights and guidance to break free from these cycles.

You struggle with self-judgement: Struggling with self-criticism and self-judgment? This retreat fosters a culture of self-compassion, where you can learn to profoundly accept yourself as you are.

You often think "I am not good enough": If this negative belief holds you back from living the life you want, this retreat will help you support your inner child self-esteem and self-worth.

You lack support: Feeling isolated in your journey? Joining our retreat connects you with a supportive community of fellow self-explorers on the path to healing and growth.


Retreat values

Our Program

The program is specifically tailored to address the deep-seated emotional wounds and patterns that may be holding you back in life. Through a carefully curated blend of Inner Child sessions, holistic practices, and transformative experiences, the retreat empowers you to heal, grow, and reparent your Inner Child

so you can rediscover your inner joy and freedom.

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Dive into adventure and healing with:


Inner Child Work

Dive deep into the healing process with expert-led Inner Child Workshops that will guide you on your path to self-discovery and growth.



Balinese Ceremonies

A unique opportunity to connect with the local culture and spirituality. You will meet with the High Priestess of Bali for a blessing session, participate in the fire ceremony and visit a water temple.


Nature Walks

Immerse yourself in Bali's natural beauty with guided nature walks through lush forests, terraced rice paddies, and hidden waterfalls.



Spa experiences

Indulge in a blissful spa experiences that will rejuvenate your body and soul. We will pay a visit to the famous The Istana meditation centre for a spa session and optional bio-hacking activities.



Nestled in the heart of Bali's natural landscapes, our retreat center is a sanctuary of tranquility and serenity. Imagine waking up to the symphony of tropical birds and the spectacular view over traditional rice fields outside your window. The resort offers:

  • Luxurious Villas: Our accommodation features spacious and beautifully designed private villas, each with its own unique charm and modern amenities.

  • Premium Rooms: Start your mornings with a spectacular view of green rice fields within the surroundings area, swimming pool and Mount Agung from a distance.

  • Nature-Inspired Decor: Immerse yourself in Bali's culture and natural beauty with our thoughtfully decorated spaces that blend seamlessly with the surroundings.

  • Outdoor pool: Take a refreshing dip in the stunning pool that will leave you feeling rejuvenated and connected to nature (on the cover photo!)

  • Yoga Pavilion: Find your inner peace in our open-air yoga pavilion, where you can engage in daily practices.

Retreat packages

October 8-18, 2024

11 days, 10 nights
Ubud, Bali

Double Occupancy Package*

*With the condition to have another participant who will be willing to share the room

 £ 2,060 pp

Wooden Suite Gladak (Single Occupancy)

Suite designed in traditional Balinese style overlooking the outdoor swimming pool area

£ 2,390 pp

Arkananta Premier Suite (Single Occupancy)

Premium room at the ground floor with a terrace or the first floor with a balcony

£ 2,330 pp

1 bedroom villa with private pool*

*Double occupancy is available with a £500 discount per person

£ 2,750 pp

Personalised approach:

Our retreat is meticulously designed for an intimate and personalised experience, ensuring that each participant receives the attention and support they deserve. To maintain this quality, we've limited the group size to just 12 people.

How to Reserve Your Space:

To reserve your place, please complete the contact form below, and our team will promptly get in touch with you. To secure your spot, a 30% deposit is required, along with a brief introductory interview. This interview is essential to ensure that our retreat aligns with your goals and intentions, creating a transformative experience tailored just for you.

What is included:

  • 10 nights of comfortable accommodation

  • Nutritious breakfasts and delightful afternoon tea

  • Ample drinking water available on the retreat site

  • Daily invigorating yoga classes

  • Participation in all group practices, workshops, and sessions

  • Excursions and convenient transfers to explore the beauty of Bali

  • Hassle-free transfers to and from the airport

  • Pampering spa procedures as outlined in the program

  • A thoughtfully curated goodie bag filled with quality gifts to enhance your retreat experience.

What is excluded:

  • air tickets

  • lunches and dinners

  • travel insurance

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Common Q&A:

Q: What is Inner Child Work?

A: Inner Child Work involves exploring and healing the emotional childhood experiences that might negatively affects us in adulthood, to foster personal growth, self-discovery, and emotional well-being.

Q: Why should I consider Inner Child Work?

A: Inner Child Work can help to effectively break patterns of behavior, improve emotional resilience, and foster a deeper connection with oneself, leading to a more fulfilling and authentic life.

Q: Is the retreat suitable for beginners in self-discovery work?

A: While the retreat is designed for individuals at various stages of their self-discovery journey, prior inner work experience is desirable. 

Q: Why should I go to Bali to do Inner Child Work?

A: You don't have to. However while working towards inner change and transformation, it can be extremely beneficial to change the surroundings too. It helps in building new neural pathways and anchoring newfound emotional states. The island offers a perfect setting to support and amplify this transformative experience.

Q: What happens in the introductory interview?

A: The introductory interview is a brief conversation to understand your goals and intentions for the retreat. It is also an opportunity to meet a facilitator and ask questions. 

Q: What is the typical meal cost in Bali?

A: While individual preferences and choices vary, on average, you can expect to spend approximately £4-12 for a meal in Bali. Our team will offer to a diverse range of dining options, from budget-friendly local eateries to stylish gastronomic restaurants, ensuring there's something to suit every taste and budget.


Please register your interest and we will be in touch

I want to come to the retreat in:

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