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6-week online therapy group for Inner Child Work

to gain awareness of unconscious patterns and heal the relationship with your past

Next cohort 23rd April | 7 pm UK time

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Inner Child is not an abstract concept. We all were children at some point in life going through a number of situations that affect who we are now as adults. How we choose to express ourselves, our reactions and behavioural patterns start to form at the early age when we learn to make sense of ourselves and the world.

According to the theory of Transactional Analysis, Inner Child is one of the three ego-states among Inner Adult and Inner Parent. The ego-state of Inner Child is a collection of all experiences, emotions, thoughts, decisions we had when we were growing up. The hurts we felt, the love we lacked, the beliefs we created. When we integrate these experiences, we unconsciously take them into our adult life. Some of them positively impact our life. Others regrettably make it more difficult.


I would like to invite you on a journey of self-exploration by joining the 6 week therapy group "Healing your Inner Child" to uncover the negative patterns and heal relationship with your inner child.

" I have explored issues with Anna that I have been through many times before with other therapists, using other therapies. With Anna, you get right to the root. 
Amelia L., Charity Recruitment Consultant


With a unique blend of emotion-image therapy, redecision therapy, transactional analysis and awareness practices, each session Anna will guide you through a series of powerful exercises. These are designed to help you become aware of the unconscious patterns from your childhood that negatively impact your adult life. You will learn how to hold space for the parts of yourself that feel unloved, neglected or abandoned. And you will develop the capacity to attend to the needs of your Inner Child, healing the relationship with your past and tapping into your inner resource to create the future you want.

You don't have to constantly repeat the negative patterns in your life. Start the healing process of looking deeper at the root of your reactions. Your Inner Child is waiting for you to be held


  • you are repeating same patterns in your relationship

  • you keep making the same mistakes in your life

  • you don’t trust yourself enough

  • you suffer from anxiety, constantly worry about future

  • you lack confidence and self-esteem

  • you don't have healthy boundaries, struggle to say ‘no’

  • you have a pattern of being a people-pleaser

  • your inner critic is too loud

  • you often hurt or angry

  • you suffer from excessive expectations from yourself


Over 6 weeks, I will guide you through the unique process of relating to your inner child in a different way to manage frustrations, understand and regulate emotions, boost self-esteem and identify directions for self-growth.




WEEK 1  Meeting with Inner Child

You will meet and get to know your inner child. Release suppressed feelings and emotions. Gain more understanding of your childhood patterns and how they affect your adulthood.

WEEK 2  Creating support system Part 1

You will reconnect with your inner recourse, your values and your strength that is crucial you deep Inner Child Work. You will identify any energy leaks that use your energy and recourses.

WEEK 3  Creating support system Part 2

You will establish a connection with a loving healthy inner parent ego-state to show to the inner child that love is not something to be deserved.

WEEK 4 Decontamination in Inner Child Work

You will learn how ego-states contaminate each other creating unhealthy dynamics. You will decontaminate your inner child from unconsciously adopted ideas or attitudes of others.

WEEK 5  Inner Child and autonomy

You will work with negative parental commands to set your Inner Child free of expectations and control.


WEEK 6  Life Scenario

You will identify your family scripts that act as self-destructive routines and rewrite them to create new healthy patterns of relating.


Through witnessing the stories and transformations of others besides doing your own inner work, you are healing the parts of yourself that might have a similar story. The sharing process widens your perspective and enriches your experience. Inner work becomes more effective where deeper integration is possible.

Group therapy experience will also help you:

- to feel supported and to see that you are not alone on your journey

- to enhance your social skills

- learn about yourself by uncovering your blind spots

- to find your voice and be listened 

- to model the successful behaviors of others


Each group session is 1.5 hours. The sessions are one week apart, to allow you time for processing and integration. A group is limited by 8-10 participants for ensure quality experience. The session will take place online LIVE via zoom. 

It is not a pre-recorded course!

A short interview will be conducted with each participant before the start of the group.


"By reparenting our Inner Child, we can release and heal the pain from the past."
- Margaret Paul

Free 1-2-1 session with Anna to get further support on your Inner Child Work

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"Anna has a talent for this work. The results exceeded my expectations. She will gently guide you through the process. She's intuitive and able to help you extrapolate meaning from your experience." 

D. Bortoli, Engineer


I am a Psychologist, Certified Emotion-Image Therapist, Meditation Teacher and Conscious Leadership Coach based in London. ​I am also a founder of Being Aware, a company that delivers mental health and well being events.

My mission is to help you explore your inner world because it is a primary place where everything is born: your thoughts, your feelings, your emotions, your dreams and plans. If this place is in order - we create order. If we feel at peace inside - we create peace. If we feel connected to something beautiful, we manifest it.​

My inner child used to be frightened, unloved and neglected. I would often fall into a wounded inner child state projecting unresolved traumas onto the world around me. I would attract people and circumstances that mirrored to me my unresolved pains. I was very tired of that and decided to understand the origin of my patterns and do the work for a positive change. Now I have developed a much better relationship with my inner child being a loving and caring inner parent to her. That allowed me to trust myself more, develop a sense of inner freedom and lightness in life. I keep learning to reparent myself and want to invite you on the same exciting journey.


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