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Heal the Past and Reparent Your Inner Child


for 1-2-1 deep transformative inner work

Are you feeling stuck in patterns of repetitive behaviors or limiting beliefs that are holding you back? Are you feeling disconnected from your true self and struggling to create the life you want? A deep dive into Inner Child Work can help you stop repeating harmful outdated patterns, develop self-compassion, and remove unconscious inner obstacles that stand in the way of you feeling whole and complete.

As a certified psychologist and trauma-informed expert, I offer a personalised 1-2-1 Inner Child program that will help you create a safe space for exploration, self-discovery and healing


  • You are aware of your trauma cycle and would like to stop repeating it;

  • You carry suppressed emotions that are negatively impacting your life today;

  • You are struggling with perfectionism and negative beliefs about yourself because your inner critic is too loud;

  • You acknowledge your inner obstacles that prevent you from making confident steps in your career/business;

  • You have tried other therapies and now are interested in exploring new ways to heal childhood wounds and make conscious decisions in your adulthood that will help you to thrive;

  • You are ready to explore the furthest corners of your psyche to deepen your self-knowledge for psychological maturity and wholeness. 


Using Emotion-Image Therapy, Transactional Analysis and awareness practices, we will work together to access deep-seated suppressed emotions and feelings, so you can begin to transform them into positive, life-affirming experiences stepping into your authenticity and inner freedom. My approach is grounded in attachment theory, developmental psychology and the latest research in trauma-informed techniques, ensuring that you receive the most effective and up-to-date guidance for inner child work.


Over 8 weeks, we will work together to explore the following topics and techniques:

WEEK 1:  Reconnecting with Your Inner Child

We will start by creating a nurturing space for you to reconnect with your inner child and explore any past wounds or unmet needs.

WEEK 2: Becoming the Parent you Never Had

You will learn how to develop a compassionate and supportive inner parent to help you care for your inner child and meet your own needs.

WEEK 3: Tapping into Your Inner Resources

We will explore your inner resources, strengths, and intrinsic potential to build resilience and prepare for further steps.

WEEK 4: Understanding Inner Child Fears and Triggers

You will learn how to identify and understand your inner child's fears and how they affect your thoughts, emotions, and behaviors.

WEEK 5: Clearing Out Inner Child Contamination

We will work on decontaminating your inner child's beliefs, patterns, and emotional blocks, to help you release what no longer serves you.

WEEK 6: Healing Birth Trauma

We will explore how birth trauma and the first year of life impact your inner child and how to heal the difficult experiences using a variety of techniques.

WEEK 7: Building Inner Child Autonomy

You will learn how to cultivate a sense of autonomy, boundaries, and agency for your inner child, and create a more balanced and harmonious relationship with yourself.

WEEK 8: Rewriting Your Life Scenario

You will identify your family scripts that act as self-destructive routines and rewrite them to create new healthy patterns of relating.


My expertise and professional approach in Inner Child Work is rooted in authenticity, empathy, and a deep respect for your unique journey. I will guide you through a series of gentle, yet powerful exercises and techniques that will help you get in touch with your unconscious mind, understand how your childhood experiences impact your adulthood and make steps towards transformation and healing for a more fulfilling and authentic life.


The program includes:

  • 8 sessions, each lasting up to 1,5 hour;

  • ongoing Whatsapp support in between sessions;

  • 4 recorded meditations; 

  • regular homework; 

  • BONUS: 50 mins check-in call within 1 month after finishing the program.

Program fee  £3,500

(payment plan is available)



Here are just some of the benefits that 2-month Inner Child Work Program can bring:


  • Emotional freedom from the impact of negative beliefs that held you back;

  • Acknowledgement and integration of the past experiences;

  • Deeper and more profound sense of self-compassion and self-awareness;

  • Increased creativity;

  • Increased resilience and emotional regulation;

  • Reconnection with your inner resources and power;

  • Trust towards oneself;

  • Ability to create a nourishing environment for your inner child to thrive;

  • Cultivation of more fulfilling relations;

  • New career/business choices from the place of confidence and balance;

  • And much more…


If you are ready to reconnect with the most authentic part of you, heal past wounds and reparent your inner child, do get in touch. I am here to support you on your journey towards healing and transformation.


I sincerely appreciate that finances may well be a barrier to enrolling in this premium program. If you are looking for support from me, here are some alternative options:

Other therapy options:

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